Windows 10 Creators Update: blank screen in HP Z1 Workstation

Today I was one of those users of Windows 10 that received Windows 10 Creators Update. In my case it was rather a bumpy road because at the end of the installation I hit a common problem of blank screen in my computer: HP Z1 Workstation (first generation).

There were a couple of issues discovered during upgrade process:

1. The overall installation took a lot of time and for me it was stuck at 24 % for approx 1 hour. This is quite strange considering that Windows 10 is installed on SSD drive

2. As the progress went slowly up (to 30%) the machine did a couple of reboots and I ended up in a blank screen situation

I tried to reboot it via hard reset a couple of times but it did not get better. After checking if I can still ping the machine while in such state I was surprised to discover that I can ping it and connect via remote desktop to the machine.

At this point it means that the blank screen problem is caused by the driver of my video card: Nvidia Quadro 1000m. A quick check of the version reveals that I have the latest version.

After some thinking I decided to use an old school trick – going to device manager via rdp and choosing to remove the video adapter and doing a reboot. And voila! After the reboot the screen is back to normal!

It is a pity that issues like this may mislead you and start blaming the Creators Update installer while the problem is really residing in a video card drivers. From Microsoft perspective, I think it could be nice to add a video driver reset right after installation – user will see some flickering and shitty quality of the screen, but at least it will not mislead user into going to safe mode and reinstalling Windows from scratch.

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