No sound in flash in Debian iceweasel (KDE, using pulseaudio)

Each time I play with a new distro I always have problem with sound in flash. In openSUSE it was a matter of creation of file ~/.asoundrc with some standard config text inside. In Fedora and Ubuntu I always had to turn off all devices and leave only my USB headphones in pavucontrol (I use only USB headphones to listen music).

Now it is time to play with Debian. Guess what? There is no sound in flash in Debian as well :). At the same time, I can perfectly play music in Juk and system sounds work for me. In order to make sound of flash to work one has to … create file in your home directory called .asoundrc with the following content:

pcm.pulse {
type pulse

ctl.pulse {
type pulse

pcm.!default {
type pulse

ctl.!default {
type pulse

This solution came out by goolging and reading this very useful article:



  1. Thanks a lot for bringing this fix to my attention. For the most part Squeeze has been very stable, so when things do go wrong it frustrates me immensely. At least it was an easy enough fix.

      • I have to admit, it’s not quite as rock-solid as I had expected – I’ve had trouble with the default kernel doing an oops every time I try to “Safely Revove” an NTFS drive in GNOME, so I’ve had to use the backported kernel. I’ve also suffered from that leap-second issue a few times – which is frustrating. Also, I find the backported LibreOffice sometimes doesn’t play nice when I have many applications open. On the plus side, application crashes are increadibly rare (even LibreOffice has only crashed a few times), and it is possibly the fastest system I’ve ever run on my PC (and I’ve run Arch and Slackware on this thing). As a further plus, I love the fact that you can have a system that is as much a mix of “tried-and-true” and of newer stuff as I want: I’m running backports of LibreOffice, Iceweasel 14, and Linux 3.2 – while the rest of my system is standard Squeeze.

  2. well.. what you could expect from debian?

    it’s mostly used on servers, it’s not really suitable for desktops at all..

    for desktops you should use either ubuntu or archlinux or mint..

  3. Thanks a lot.
    I was searching for resolution of this issue over a week. And I’ve tried many combinations inside .asoundrc file, but none of them works.
    I’m using OpenSUSE 12.2 and default configuration inside .asoundrc doesn’t help. But after setting everything to use pulse audio, it works!!!

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