Donating CPU to science

(… and counting …)

Long time ago I was searching in internet for any “mass projects” to participate in and make something useful for the society. And I’ve found BOINC project: a generic platform for scientific computations.

Among several projects I was attracted by MilkyWay – an internet-based public distributed computing project attempting to generate highly accurate three-dimensional dynamic models of stellar streams in the immediate vicinity of our Milky Way galaxy: While being very CPU intensive I have something to proud of – my computer is useful when it’s idle … What about yours?

P.S. After some googling I’ve found a ukrainian distributed calculations team: which is quite active in milkyway project aswell:

Update: I found team “Ukraine” in MilkyWay: 😉 Join it and support national team!

As you can see from statistics, my contribution to team “Ukraine” is less than 1% for almost one year of contribution 😉 It is hell small 🙂


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