Third time to become MVP

Today I received a really great news: I am MVP for a 3rd time!

This is my third “first of July” which brings me exciting news. This time I receive award in DDK profile, which is something different from what I had before. My first nomination was SDK area (2005 – 2006), second was also SDK (2006 – 2007), and third is DDK (2007 – 2008) area nomination. Well, … what can I tell … : thanks Microsoft 🙂 I’ll try to do my best to share my experience and my knowledge with people shedding lights upon Windows programming issues.

This year brings me more advantages of being MVP, and one of many is being able to access Windows source code (as a participant of Microsoft Code Premium Program) which is something great, because it gives a chance to read and understand the code of all currently shipping OS which multiplies the understanding of how things actually work.


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