World crisis is beating us all :)

My hosting plan for is almost over, and I decided not to continue it in my current place. Instead I am going to move everything to a free for MVPs hosting powered by Which means I will follow painful migration procedure and I can lost users, comments and pingbacks. Well, this is bad, agree. On the other hand, I would not lost content (posts, articles) and I will have free hosting which is a way much powerful than previous one. So I decided to give a try.

Please do not be surprised if you will see that blog has changed and all users have been lost. I do my best to make migration less painful, and I hope that will be the case.

P.S. For Russian speaking community: I am sorry, I decided to discontinue translation of all posts into Russian as it takes much time, and usually I don’t have it … On a new hosting posts will be only in English.


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