Not Idle Task tool

Sometimes it happens that you need to run a special program when you are near computer and shut it down when you leave. A typical example is winamp: you want winamp to play internet radio when you are working on machine, but when you leave it is better to shut it down – it saves a lot of your internet traffic.

So I did small tool for myself: Not Idle Task. It is pretty simple, you just need to set application to launch and when to shut it down. For example, I am listeting, so my “application” is actually winamp with path to play list file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe “C:\Documents and Settings\volodymyr\Desktop\etn1beta.m3u”

Now, when I am idle for 120 seconds on machine I want NotIdleTask.exe to shut down winamp, so I set Idle Interval to 120. Voila:

You can download tool here: x32. It is very simple, and most likely buggy, tell me if it does not work for you.



    • It detects idle event by getting the last mouse/kb activity time.

      I guess, it is possible to detect if particular applications are currently being active (focused), so I would not detect idle. Such applications could be readers or/and players. Doable. But in next versions 😉

      No code is provided as for all tools on my blog.

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