What if you bricked your RT-N16 with a firmware upgrade?

Sometimes it happens that you flash your RT-N16 with corrupted firmware and you have a feeling that it is bricked :). Don’t worry, you can still try a few tricks to recover it.

In theory you should do the following:

1. Visit support page and download RT-N16 utilities and latest RT-N16 firmware. You can download them from my site: utilities and latest firmware

2. Install RT-N16 utilities and locate Firmware Restoration utility on your computer

3. Configure your network adapter to use a static IP address and mask

4. Disable windows firewall by entering firewall.cpl in command line (this will show firewall applet and you have to disable fw there)

5. Turn off router

6. Leave only one cable in router: which connects port 1 of router with your PC.

7. Hold Reset button using some sharp tool (don’t release button!) and turn on router by plugging in power cable while holding Reset button. Notice power led is slowly blinking. Release Reset button.

8. Now run Asus Firmware Restoration Utility, specify path to Asus firmware (you can use firmware from my blog) and click Upload

9. Firmware Restoration utility should find router and upload firmware.

This is theory. In practice, however, it did not work for me. I was doing these steps and Firmware Restoration Utility failed to detect my router, giving the message “device is not in rescue mode”. After fighting several hours I decided to do two desperate things:

1. Switch off router for 15 minutes and let it rest 🙂

2. Set adapter IP to instead of

After this everything worked like a charm. I hope these observations will be useful for someone.



  1. To all:

    Please note that I do not grantee that links which are published here by other users are safe. Use it at your own risk and do not blame the administration of this blog is your router became broken.

    I personally think that the best way to get a firmware is from a reputable web-site and you should never trust any users from a less popular sites (including my blog).

  2. This worked for me, but I held the “restore” button for 30 seconds, and then continued to hold it for 30 seconds longer after plugging in the router (Not sure if that helped at all), but it found my router.

    • Also to note, since this router is so old, this worked for me on a Windows 10 x64 system. I ran the Asus Utility UT_RT_N16_4175.zip in Windows 7 compatibility mode with admin permissions. It took a while to finish installing, but it did finish.

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