Error a float is required in Fedora 15 Firewall settings

Are you getting this when entering Firewall configuration in Fedora 15?

The cure is simple. Fire up terminal and try to run system-config-firewall as a root:

su -c ‘system-config-firewall’

This should work. It seems like this bug is reported, but not yet fixed.



    • Hello Danita,

      Running the application under sudo solved the problem for me. What you can also do is to follow another suggestion from bug ticket( :

      Roman Falck 2011-06-26 09:28:37 EDT

      I’ve managed to open system-config-firewall by installing beesu and editing
      /usr/share/applications/system-config-firewall.desktop and replacing the path

      Exec=beesu /usr/bin/system-config-firewall
      works every time i start it, ill stick with that until a fix is released 🙂

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