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I have noticed that some of my posts have big amount of comments (> 100), and sometimes it is hard to navigate thru them as well as to make a proper notification system when someone posts something, so I’ve decided to create a forum instead: http://www.shcherbyna.com/forum/

I guess it’s pretty raw, and I have not thought well about all possible forums to create, but you can already use it and post your questions there.

Starting from now, all questions will have to be asked in forum rather than in “comments section”. Have fun!



  1. Hi there Volodymyr from your Romanian neighbor. I have one Asus RT-N16 for almost a year. The stock Asus firmware was a disaster so after a few days I switch to Tomato Ext USB something … The Tomato firmware and Asus RT-N16 has worked together (stable I have to admit) for more than 9 months until I have decided and found that my router can do more: the two USB ports was not used and felt lonely. So Friday I have decided that my HP Laserjet M1005 have to be available for all my computers/device and the next step was to connect it; Tomato viewed it, print on it but no scan so … I start searching for a new firmware. Found custom Oleg firmware-Linux version (root@localhost) (gcc version 4.4.6 (GCC) ) #1 Sat Oct 22 20:06:33 MSK 2011- and installed for 3 reasons: updated version (22 oct), support for 3G modems and the community around it. Unfortunately I didn’t backup my Tomato configuration and my port forwarding rules has been partially lost and the GUI is (like for the beer) probably the ugliest GUI I had ever seen. I will make a new post after you approve my user for the forum. All the best!

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