ABM handlebar conversion kit for Honda CBR 600 F4i (FSport) 2001

Just got handlebar conversion kit for my Honda CBR F4i from ABM. The kit basically looks like this:

It contains the following items:

1. Top yoke

2. Longer brake lines for front brakes

3. Longer clutch cable

4. Handlebar & handlebar ends

5. Longer wires for lights, etc

6. Dot 5.1 brake fluid

7. Some documentation in german 🙂

Can’t wait to mount the kit on my F4i!



  1. Hello,

    Did you finally get this installed?
    I considering doing the same to my 2007 Honda CBR600F and I would greatly appreciate all the information you could give me about it.

    Thanks and regards from Spain,

    • Yes, I did get installed it myself.

      Basically it went well, the most complex part was drilling the holes in handlebar which is shipped with the kit. If you are not experienced with drilling the metal it can be complex.

      For me the hardest part was to drill holes at the right place. I did it slightly off, but still everything is fine.

      The brake lines was easier to install than I actually thought.

    • Javier,

      I can only speak of Honda CBR 600 F4i (also known as F Sport) 2001. In fact, you will need to cut the fairing a little bit to make sure it does not touch the bars when you turn.

      This is not so bad on F4i because you literally require to cut only 1 – 2 cm of plastic. I don’t know about 2007 CBR600F as it may be different.

      The riding position is much better, I would say that now I do not feel any wrist or neck pain anymore. And the bike does not look very bad at all. Before you start to feel wrist/neck pain after 30 km of ride, now you actually do not feel it at all in those places 🙂

      With this being said, keep in mind that my bike is old, and it’s market price is around 1000 – 2000 EUR as of now. So I felt safe cutting the plastic and changing the electrical wiring and brake wiring. In your case since the bike is quite recent doing this may make you lost some money if you do something wrong …

      Also, another aspect is technical inspection. After I have done my changes I was unhappy when during technical inspection it turned out that any bike modification to steering have to be declared before inspection. Finally the police issued me another set of papers for bike listing the modifications done, and it looked like ABM is well-known brand because police inspectors knew it, but they were really crazy about inspecting every change being made to the bike.

      This cost me extra 30 EUR to reissue the papers in the end. But I passed the inspection.

      I don’t know how this is done in Spain (cool place, btw, I like Spain most among vacation places), and you may need to contact your technical inspection station to see if they will be happy about ABM kit …

    • And to answer your original question: yes, I do recommend the kit, however it may be different for you depending on your needs.

      For me I was not happy about riding position and it drove me crazy. However I was happy about reliability of the F4i since I do services myself and I usually change the oil every 1 year in march and my kilometrages are usually low: less than 1 thousand kilometers (this year I did only 300 km on Castrol POWER 1 Racing 4T 10W-40) . Since I am using the premium Castrol syntetic oil I know that my engine is in a excellent shape.

      Since I was not happy about the riding position I had basically two choices: either I use ABM kit and keep the bike or I change the bike to something less sporty like Hornet or SV1000, etc.

      Since I wanted to keep bike as it is in excellent condition I decided to go for ABM kit.

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