Configuring ICQ in pidgin in Debian 6 Squeeze x64 GNOME

I’ve always had problems configuring ICQ account in my pidgin in Debian. Somehow it never worked although I tried all these different combinations like “Use clientlogin” or “Use SSL”, etc, etc, etc. It never worked out of the box like it happens with Kopete in Debian KDE.

At some point I thought it was a problem of server as the default login server you have when adding ICQ account is According to the server is correct and it should work flawlessly.

Despite the message in the ticket I decided to try instead of because it is shorter, and it makes perfect sense for me (I have no idea what is aol, and as I am going to use ICQ protocol, it is logical for me to use as an address) and guess what? It works!

Here comes the snapshot settings of my ICQ account in pidgin:



  1. Thanks for this, I thought I had tried every single combination of the options and still got odd errors. Apparently I had to drop SSL and clientLogin, although I don’t know how good idea it is to use any messenger without encryption these days…

  2. p sim – simple instant messenger (KDE)
    p sim-data – Sim-IM Instant Messenger data files
    p sim-qt – simple instant messenger (Qt)

    debian has packages for it, but I do not recommend using them, better compile from the trunk

  3. Thank you!
    Debian Squeeze

    Worked with the settings:
    port 5190
    use ssl unchecked
    use clientlogin unchecked
    encoding ISO-8859-1

    Did not work with

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