Asus P5QL Pro & Noctua NH-14 cooler

I’ve been recently playing with my oldish Asus P5QL Pro box trying to cool down CPU because the stock Intel cooler was already almost dead. I got idle temperature like 45 C or above. So, I decided to go for a Noctua NH-14 cooler which seems to be pretty effective when reading reviews, etc, etc.

I went to local shop, bought the brand new Noctua NH-14, went home, removed motherboard, started to mount the cooler and noticed that one of the mounting bolts is not threaded … That seemed like a factory glitch, which made me angry because the cooler is quite expensive and is targeted for “above average needs” market. So, it should be perfect, right?

Anyway, I went back to shop, had the cooler replaced, it took me extra 2 days to wait, and …

It looks quite tight, huh? NH-14 is fitting quite well my P5QL-PRO not interfering with RAM slots or any other pieces. It is quite tight near the power supply, so, depending on the size of your case it might be or might not be a good option for you. Now it is so tight in that corner that if I would like to remove power supply, I would probably need to remove the whole cooler from CPU which means also applying new thermopaste ..

The cooler is quite high, so you may also experience problems closing the side case. Now my idle is 26 C (during the summer) which makes me pretty happy 🙂



  1. how long the motherboard lasted ,pls tell me about case cooling,what were your northbridge south bridge temps,i cant touch no more than 2 sec south bridge,northbridge 3-5sec i think..

    • hyan,

      The motherboard still works fine. In total it means 9 years of service … In fact, I decided not to use Noctua NH-14 cooler. I used it for like couple of months, but I did not like the fact that the case cannot be completely closed. And as a result, the machine was quite noisy.

      So I bought a cheap cooler and installed it and it is fine.

  2. hi can you touch your south bridge northbridge and say how hot it is,i dont know how much hot is abnormal,what cpu you have btw,i am planning to buy x5670 mod n a cheap cooler hoping it will keep them warm atleast if not cool..

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