Setting environmental variables in Mac OS (OSX) for Ida Pro

As a user of Ida Pro I recently bumped into a case when my Ida Pro could not connect to a license server because it was in another sub-network. So each time I was trying to open some file Ida was telling me:

License server error: Unable to checkout: LM-X Error: (Internal: 443 Feature: IDAPROFM)

Now, it seems like I have to set env variable HEXRAYS_LICENSE_PATH to point to my server ip address. But how to do it in OSX? After googling, and trying and googling and trying I finally found solution:

1. Open file / etc/launchd.conf with admin priviliges or create if it does not exist

2. Put inside the address of your server:


3. Save file and reboot!

It is essential to reboot, if you don’t do this, this may not work for you.


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