Bye-bye Windows, Hello Linux

First time ever in my life, I removed a licensed and activated Windows from my desktop computer and installed Linux instead. My 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate was getting slower and slower with time, and I decided to try something new, stable and preferably free.

Before I always had a dual boot between Windows and Linux and all my data was on NTFS partition. Now a time for a change has come, so I got everything converted to ext4. So far so good (but I still keep backups on two external NTFS drives just in case).

I miss KeePass2 in Debian Squeeze x86_64 (for the moment it is present only in Wheezy) but I found that I can use keepassx :). Anyway, now i have no way back, license is lost and I am not going to get a new one. Debian runs quite well, and I pretty happy that I use it.

It took me 4 years to start using Linux more seriously, I first met Ubuntu in 2008 and since that time I got hooked up 🙂


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