Windows Update nukes wi-fi connectivity on HP ElitePad 900

I got recently yesterday an update from Windows Update for my ElitePad’s wi-fi card (Qualcomm Atheros AR6000) dated as 3/4/2013 and having the version I have to say, that is the brightest update I ever received from Microsoft. Well, technically from Qualcomm (or HP), but Microsoft is responsible for a quality process involving HCK (Hardware Certification Kit) testing for drivers before they are shipped to users via Windows Update.

Right after installation my wi-fi connectivity was just gone and there was no way to recover it unless uninstalling device from Device Manager and rolling back to a previous version of the driver. After that, works like a charm.

Anyone interested to solve the problem?

P. S. I still find the most stable version for ElitePad’s wi-fi dated as 08 February 2013 as explained here.


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