OllyDbg, Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) and Kaspersky Antivirus

I use OllyDbg debugger from time to time. The most wonderful debugger I ever seen: it’s light, powerful and does not require installation … This evening I got a few BSOD’s on my Windows XP SP2 after running OllyDbg. So I started the investigations.

Analyzing minidump using WinDbg showed that system went down because of csrss.exe crash. This actually does not answer the question: why exactly OllyDbg causes BSODing. Debugging OllyDbg using WinDbg I found the function where the system dies:

7c90eac0 8d7c2410        lea     edi,[esp+10h]
7c90eac4 58              pop     eax
7c90eac5 ffd0            call    eax
7c90eac7 6a01            push    1
7c90eac9 57              push    edi
7c90eaca e84aebffff      call    ntdll!ZwContinue (7c90d619)

Done! Once I realized it’s connected with kernel I remembered that recently I installed Kaspersky Antivirus…Uninstalling antivirus solved the problem.


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