Keeping your family’s machines safe. Remotely.

Most of us have families: sisters, brothers, mother and father. Usually if they are not geeks and if something bad happens with their computers they ask you for a help (I assume that reader is involved in IT industry as me).

It is always good to visit your relative and have some time & talk while fixing their machine. However, what to do you if you live in another city, or in another country or in another continent? The short answer is: to use VPN …

Yes, VPN. It allows to connect via remote desktop to a target machine and do things remotely (assume that by default computers are behind NAT and you can’t connect directly). You can easially find out and resolve issues with machine via remote desktop, of course if it does not involve re-flashing BIOS or plugging out bad hard drive or anything related to peering inside machine case.

There are various tools which provide VPN access over Internet, but the best IMO, is Hamachi: it is well functioning and is completly free! I am using it for a long time, it allows me to have direct connection to machines of my family and resolve all issues which might appear.

The nice thing about Hamachi is that you can find it both for Windows and Linux. Installation for Windows is pretty staightfowrard and requires almost zero knowledge of user. Under Linux, things are a little bit more complex. You can download console version of Hamachi from official website and you can use it like that.

However, if you would like a UI version of hamachi under Linux, try to find hamachi-gui package. It is un-official tool, which looks like Hamachi GUI under Windows, and it is pretty well-working: it just uses the console hamachi tool and represents in a nice UI which is comfortable for Windows users.

Since latest Linux distributions provide Terminal Client by default, Hamachi wides your choice of OS and makes your life more flexible 😉


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