Antivirus for Linux from Eset

In Windows world Eset Nod32 antivirus is well known, and is proved to be called reliable and good ;). It seems like now Eset is willing to enter a linux world and so they did an antivirus for it. Unlike many other antiviruses for linux, they did it more user friendly. Actually, they did it exactly the same way as it exist in Windows. The same dialogs, the same settings, etc.

Currently Eset launches a beta program for new antivirus. Everyone can participate and download x32 and x64 bit version here: . Some people get confused, what to do with the file provided by Eset? Don’t worry everything is simple, just make file executable and double click on it afterwards:

chmod 755 ueav.x86_64.linux

After you double click on file (I use Ubuntu x64) you will see a “Windows like” installation dialogs where you can click Next/Next untill it’s done. As I said before, everything in linux version is the same as in Windows version, and you can see it in the following screenshot:

Just immidiatly after installation I got my first bug. I can’t launch Google Chrome when file system protection is on. Seems to be quite obvious bug, just wonder why it appears in beta, not in alpha :).

UPDATE: I was really surprised when turned on my machine at the morning. The UI hung and I was unable to do something except force rebooting. Uninstalling Eset Nod32 helped … So the bottom line: shame on Eset to make such a raw product at BETA stage.



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