Google Android on Samsung S8000 Jet

Before you read this post, answer a simple question. Are you an owner of Samsung S8000 Jet? Are happy with it?

The official advertisment of S8000 is “smarther than smarphone”. But in fact, it is dump and usless: you can’t run anything except Java & Javascript applications. Which seems to be pretty limited. Moreover, on the original firmware I got when I bought the phone there was no way to run Java applications … On the other hand, it’s hardware is good …

Since Google opened sources of it’s open source OS for mobile devices there started several projects to port Android on them. There appeared also a project to port Android to S8000: . But for now, it is very early stage of development, and there will be nothing significant in upcoming future (I judge from project activity, but I am glad to be wrong and to test Android on S8000 today 😉 ).

There are however some ports of Android to Samsung S3C6410 target board: which seems to be very promising, because S3C6410 target board shares exactly the same hardware as S8000 Jet. But, so far, there is nothing these days you can get and test. Pity.

I was trying to see any SDK for Samsung S8000 in but it’s dead end. There is a widgets SDK for S8000 which means you are developing JavaScript applications, not native. It is amazying how bad things are for Samsung S8000: it has powerful hardware, but very limited software. More over, the software is very buggy. You just feel when you work with it. A typical example: wi-fi connects to router after second time. No flash plugin. Alarm does not save if your restart phone. Some applications hung. No native application for GPS. No “samsung app store for S8000” …, etc.

Of course, by providing such a bad software for S8000, Samsung makes people unhappy and angree, like me. And so this gives a powerful impulse for porting Android to S8000 … Will see how the project will go …



  1. the phone hardware itself is not bad… the screen is a true gem, cpu seems fast, good size and a usable camera. It is its software that is unbelievably bad.

    I have not lost my faith on the phone and really wish this Android project works out.

  2. I think it is possible to port android on Jet but to do something like that you need official drivers from samsung so you can “translate” them to work under Android…
    Tehere`s no problem to boot android on jet with little modifications but nothing else wont work because you dont have drivers!!!
    (i`m sorry beacuse of my bad and simple english)

  3. hey, i really admire your project, samsung jet is a terrible phone without android in my opinon.The hardware is great but the software is horrible. Keep the good work up mate!

  4. Hi, im also first timer here. Wanted to buy a new smartphone Jet was my first choice but when i saw the Ui i was disgusted with it. So here i found this web page. I really appreciate of what your doing.
    So this project is still in development phase, am i right?

  5. I’m also looking forward to Android on the phone just to check it out/play around with it.

    But that being said, i think this phone already has fantastic hardware AND software running on it, even if it is proprietary. When i bought it the list of features, most of which the iPhone didnt even have, included:
    -Naturally playing a bunch of multimedia formats without the need to convert or resize anything
    -Videos at 720p
    -Decent web browser (certainly not the fastest or best, but it definitely did the job and opening 5 tabs is definitely enough for me)
    -Video Calls
    -Decent multimedia player (essentially as good as iPod, maybe just falling short)
    -Nice file browsing
    -I believe you can tether using PC Studio, but i’ve never bothered trying
    -plus all the other standard things like calculator, memo etc which you would expect in any phone
    -pretty interface

    considering it cost less than half the price of the iPhone when i bought it (and the iPhone4 hadnt come out at that point), and considering it probably had more main features than the iPhone (by ‘main features’ i mean things coming with the phone, not being added by apps) it seems like the software is pretty impressive….the only obvious downside is the lack of apps, which i can live with.

    • Hello GLO,

      Unfortunatly, no. All it can do is just to boot, and many features like GSM, wifi, bluetooth just do not work 🙁

      I doubt it will be implemented within a reasonable time, because phone is getting older and older, and now you can buy for cheap price something better.

      Even Samsung is not releasing firmwares for Jet … It is becoming a past …

  6. hey!

    i just had my s8000 firmware upgraded and lost my skype & gmail jars … so i was looking for replacement and ran into this after a bunch of annoying lame sites which didn’t have squat.

    so … any idea if and when this might be viable? i really don’t like being limited by the shitty samsung sw 🙁

  7. You think it’s still worthwhile to dedicate energy to this project? The industry moves increasingly faster to feed the mob mentality. Granted, the purpose was/is to improve the functionality of a less than optimal product in order to increase the useability of the investment, and replacement of the device with newer generation will certainly require a new fairly high investment.

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