IE7 release still beats us

I participate in wininet NG from time to time. Since IE7 release, the major part of issues that I read there is connected with the changes introduced by IE7. Fortunatly for us, WNDP team is ready to investigate any bug you’ll find. Of course, you can use to report your bugs, but I use direct way to communicate with them – via e-mail …
Latest bugs that were reported on wininet NG:

– INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD does not allow to skip the wininet cache (reported by Sergio D. Caplan)

– UrlDownloadToFile modifies it’s state when called the first time and when InternetGetProxyInfo gets called afterwards, it does not initialize a needed object due to the modified state, and fall back on using a corrupted one (used by InternetInitializeAutoProxyDll) which leads to the ERROR_CANNOT_COMPLETE(1003) (reported by Johannes Passing)

– Different timeout behaviour of wininet. In IE6 there were so called 30 seconds timeout which was used for communications. With IE7 the timeout should be set manually using InternetSetOption.

Thanks to Dognime Coulibaly (MSFT) things are resolving faster.


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