PDBExt plugin (32 bit) v(0.2) for IDA Pro v(5.0 and higher) is released

As I promised, here is the next version of plugin. This version introduces extended set of settings. In addition to ‘local’ settings (which are specific per project) there are so called “global” settings.

This feature seems to be very useful for me, because when I worked under several projects I constantly was forced to specify local symbols store in edit box. Instead, I want to make this group of settings ‘global’ and apply them to all projects I create by default.

In this version global settings allows you the following possibilities:

– Disabling/enabling of the dialog which prompts you to specify symbols location

– Mapping local settings to global

The UI is changed in the following way:

As you can see, only two check boxes are added:

– Show settings at startup for each product

– Map local settings to global (each project will it by default)

Local settings are stored in the db of the project and their structure is not changed in this plugin. That is, you can install the plugin and be sure that your previous settings are treated correctly.

Global settings are stored in a file. IDA Pro/Cfg is used to store pdbext.cfg file.
If you don’t know how to install plugin read this post.

I am currently implementing the extended features in plugin: reading type information, etc. I hope I will finish it before 2007.


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