First (rather philosophical) post …

Hello there.

My name is Volodymyr Shcherbyna. I am a software developer living in Ukraine in a nice city named Kiev.

I am kind of person from a “new generation” – those who started their programming expirience with high level languages. My first language was “BASIC” and my first computer was “Korvet” – it’s an Soviet computer that was used in a schools for teaching kids. These computers were canceled in 1985 y. in Soviet Union but they still can be found in ukranian schools (I hope).

After “BASIC” I moved to Pascal, C, then C++ and finally x86 asm. I also worked (a lot) with MC++, C#, J#, Java, PHP, VB, VB.NET and other interpreted languages but my love is pure C/C++ or x86 asm.

I’ll try to post here an interesting ideas/investigations concerning win32/win64.

For now that’s all. I hope you will forgive me my mistakes in English (my native language is ukranian).


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