Network printer disappears after reboot in Windows 7

Recently I’ve discovered an interesting problem related to my printer Epson BX300F. Initially, the printer does not support printing via the remote print server. It works only via USB. But you can change the printer settings by changing its transport from USB to TCP / IP and specify the address of the router to which you can connect your printer. And it will work. But only until you restart Windows …

Somehow, the printer loses connection with the print server and becomes “unavailable”. The most interesting is that if, after a restart you run WireShark and put a filter on TCP port 9100 there are not packets when you do printing – it seems like the printer is in error state because of the Epson drivers that checks for USB connection to the device. Since we changed the transport to TCP / IP, therefore there is no USB connection anymore.

The most interesting is that if you try to get out the printer from this state, then the printing via TCP / IP will work as if nothing had happened:). In order to remove the printer from a faulty state one can use a small utility I wrote for myself. The idea is to make a snapshot of printer’s state at the time when it works, and then, during each Windows reboot to change the state of the printer to the successfull one.

The utility is called vovkulaka. This is how you can make it work for yourself:

1. Download it and save somewhere

2. Make sure that the printer is able to “work” and print – if you rebooted windows and printer does not work, remove the printer and re-create it

3. Start vovkulaka.exe. Utility will find the printer and save it’s attributes to a file vovkulaka.conf which will be saved next to vovkulaka.exe.

4. After reboot, run vovkulaka.exe (make sure vovkulaka.conf is near vovkulaka.exe)

5. The printer must work 🙂

6. You can add to Autostart a shortcut to vovkulaka.exe so that each time Windows boots the utility set’s printer into proper state.


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