Asus RT-N16: how to Wake On Lan machine from the Internet

Sometimes while being away from home there is a need to access data on a home computer. If there is no one at home to turn on the computer, one may use method described below: turning on the computer through the Internet using a utility called wakelan. The idea is simple – just ssh to the router and run wakelan which will send a magic packet to computer forcing it to start.

In fact, wakelan can be installed via ipkg on the native Asus firmware, just install ipkg using this method, and then do ipkg install wakelan. But since I’m not happy with Asus firmware, a better way will be to install Oleg firmware.

Next, you need to enable ipkg: Then install wakelan by issuing ipkg install wakelan. Now you need to configure your computer to enable WOL. To do this, go in the BIOS and turn on the “power on pci-(e) devices” option.

It is now possible to access via ssh your router from the internet, and run wakelan in the following way:

wakelan -m 00:00:00:00:36:00 -p 7 -b

where is NOT the address of the computer but your network mask, and 00:00:00:00:36:00 is the MAC address of your network card.


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  1. great blog !

    i use a method to wake computers up using putty

    if you set putty up and save a config that
    connects to your router ( i use a key file with NO PASSWORD LOG-IN )

    in the putty config i put a command in “remote command”

    /usr/bin/ether-wake 1C:1c:1c:58:1A:dc << pc mac address

    i run this by setting a shortcut on my desktop that runs that "wake-on-lan"
    putty confg. it connects / sends the command and exits putty

    the firmware i use already has ether-wake, tomatoUSB

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