Flash video plays very fast in Fedora and Ubuntu without any sound

I was playing recently with Ubuntu 10.10 alpha3 and Fedora 14 alpha1 and I’ve noticed a common bug: if you try to play flash video it plays very fast and usually without the sound. Sometimes when playing video I see that my web camera is turning on, thus making me to think that it is completly crazy 🙂

The most funny thing is that updating Adobe flash plugin does not help: flash video still silent and still plays very fast … The solution is simple: try to install Pulse Audio Volume Control application and mute all unused devices on a system and leave only necessary one.

Open Terminal and run the following command:

(assuming you are in Fedora):

sudo yum install libasound2-plugins “pulseaudio-*” paman padevchooser paprefs pavucontrol pavumeter

(assuming you are in Kubuntu):

sudo apt-get install libasound2-plugins “pulseaudio-*” paman padevchooser paprefs pavucontrol pavumeter

Now locate Pulse Audio Volume Control in menu or run it from Terminal:


It should show something like this:

Go to Configuration and mute all devices except the one you actually are using. In my case it is Microsoft USB Headphones, so I left this item turned On. Now, restart the Firefox and check the sound of flash and flash speed again: it should be OK.



  1. Hi,

    This worked for me in Ubuntu 11.10. Had no clue as to why this was happening and your post was helpful.
    And in 11.10, restart of browsers (firefox & chrome) was not required.

  2. Great work to track this down!

    This has been dogging me for a long time off and on.

    My solution in KDE was to go into the mixer and make sure the playback stream (ALSA Playback) was set to the correct device so definitely related to audio output device as you suggested.


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