Checking ink level of your printer attached to RT-N16 router

Found a really useful utility which can get the ink level of printer attached to your router. It is called ink, and you can install it like this:

# ipkg install ink
Installing ink (0.5.0-1) to /opt/...
Installing libinklevel (0.8.0-1) to /opt/...
Configuring ink
Configuring libinklevel
Successfully terminated.

For this you have to have ipkg enabled and properly configured. It will work on your DD-WRT, Oleg or Tomato USB firmwares. Here is what ink tells about my printer jets:

#ink -p usb
ink v0.5.0 (c) 2009 Markus Heinz

EPSON Stylus Office BX300F

Cyan: 100%
Yellow: 20%
Magenta: 8%
Photoblack: 100%



  1. Great article Volodymyr, I use it myself.

    Have you ever seen anyone integrate Growl (OS X) or Mumble (Linux) into this? It would be nice to be able to quickly read the ink level on one’s laptop or workstation…

    I put a feature request in for that in TomatoUSB… Just a little one-liner notification (nothing elaborate) on the USB page in the Tomato interface…

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