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Sometimes it happens that you need to run a special program when you are near computer and shut it down when you leave. A typical example is winamp: you want winamp to play internet radio when you are working on machine, but when you leave it is better to shut it down – it saves a lot of your internet traffic.

So I did small tool for myself: Not Idle Task. It is pretty simple, you just need to set application to launch and when to shut it down. For example, I am listeting, so my “application” is actually winamp with path to play list file:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe “C:\Documents and Settings\volodymyr\Desktop\etn1beta.m3u”

Now, when I am idle for 120 seconds on machine I want NotIdleTask.exe to shut down winamp, so I set Idle Interval to 120. Voila:


I have written the tool for Linux as well:

It basically have the same functionality as described above. For example, in Linux I am using vlc to play internet radio, and as you can see in screenshot, I launch application /usr/bin/vlc with the path to radio play list file: “/home/v/Online/pot.pls”

You can download the old version of the tool (Windows only) here: x32. The Linux version is here.

P.S. Source code of not idle task is licensed under GPL v3 license and can be downloaded here.

Support Not Idle Task development by donating money:

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