vovkulaka is a small utility which allows to set printer status to successfull if by some reason the printer became disabled. This may happen if you configure your printer to work via print server (like router), but the printer drivers support only USB transport. Usually if you do so, on next reboot of Windows the printer becomes unavailable. In order to solve this problem with my Epson BX300F and Windows 7 I wrote this utility.

This is how you can make it work for yourself:

0. Trust me. In case you don’t trust me, the file has been scanned in VirusTotal and indicated no virses: vovkulaka.exe

1. Download it and save somewhere

2. Make sure that the printer is able to “work” and print – if you already rebooted windows and printer does not work, remove the printer, reboot OS, and add printer again. Make sure it works!

3. Start vovkulaka.exe. Utility will find the printer and save it’s attributes to a file vovkulaka.conf which will be saved next to vovkulaka.exe.

4. After reboot, run vovkulaka.exe (make sure vovkulaka.conf is near vovkulaka.exe)

5. The printer should work 🙂

6. You can add to Autostart a shortcut to vovkulaka.exe so that each time Windows starts, the utility set’s printer into proper state.


P.S. Source code of vovkulaka is licensed under GPL v3 license and can be downloaded here.

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