This page contains different firmwares for Asus RT-N16 (from both Asus & Oleg).

Tomato USB Mod firmware: tomato-K26USB-1.28.9054MIPSR2-beta-Ext.rar – this one I am using currently.

Tomato USB Mod firmware: tomato-K26USB-1.28.9050MIPSR2-beta20-Ext.rar – this one I was using for last 4 months – very stable and solid firmware.

Oleg’s firmware 1639: RT-N16- – this one I was using for last 6 months – very stable and solid firmware.

Asus firmware FW_RT_N16_1017.zip – official firmware from Asus. Very unstable and contains a lot of bugs.


  1. Привіт. Цікавить чи цей роутер може підтримувати діапазон 5 гГц?
    В прошивці tomato-K26USB-1.28.9050MIPSR2-beta20-Ext.rar є підтрима dual band але я не знайшов опції в якій можна вибирати 5 гГц.
    Ніде конкретної відповіді про те чи підтримає dual band цей роутер так і не знайшов, знаю тільки те що чіп підтримає.

  2. Привіт!

    Мені здається що залізо не підтримує 5гГц, але якщо це не так, ймовірно що дрова від броадкома не підтримують. Можеш кинути лінк про чіп?

  3. Інформація про чіп

    Мабуть асус просто вирішили заробити бабла (маркетинговий хід), випустивши спочатку цей роутер а потім випустять такий же тільки з 5гГц.
    Швидше всього що вони просто не вивели 5гГц на антени 🙁

  4. Thanks for these links. The only reason why I left asus stock firmware was the crappy download master utility that never worked for me, unless it was flashed with this rare beta firmware “FW_RT_N16_9.9.4.75.trx”. Indeed, it’s pretty odd, old, and unstable. And by the way, download master was the main reason which led me to buy this router. In other hand, I had my printer (a multifunction hp photosmart c4480) working perfectly with the stock firmware. Printing and scanning with native windows softwares were just fine. But with these alternative firmwares scanning doesn’t work fine. Does it work (DM and scanning) with the latest russian firmware? Can I install the latest russian firmware on a router from american market?

    Thanks for helping,

    • I don’t see why cups is needed on the router. All the a/m firmware (Tomato, Oleg, Asus and DD-WRT) does have the print server already enabled in the web interface. This will let you use (after you activate this option, usually under USB) any printer attached to the usb port of the router.
      THEN one can use CUPS on it’s local machine to print to the network attached printer on port 9.100 (default one). If you are on Windows, u can create a new port, listening on 9.100 on the ip address of the router, then install the printer driver as usual AND use the a/m port as printing port.
      I personally see CUPS fit better to local computer.

  5. Hi,

    Is it possible to access a VDSL2 modem behind the RT-N16 ?

    My modem is @
    My router is @

    Mabe there is some Telnet command to let it access the modem that is connected to the router WAN port.

    If I use DD-WRT I have to put these commands :

    ifconfig `nvram get wan_ifname`:0 netmask

    iptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -o `nvram get wan_ifname` -j MASQUERADE

    Is this also possible with the Original RT-N16 firmware?

    If yes, what do I have to do?

    Thanks in advance!!!

    • I’d like to accomplish this too. Meanwhile I’ve been using a workaround so far:
      Since my modem is a “wifi-modem”, it has extra ethernet ports. I disabled the “wi-fi” feature so it started working as a bridge and configured its IP within the same subnet of my RT-N16. Then I connected an extra cable from the modem to the LAN port of the router. It works, but seems a total mess.

  6. Hi,

    I have mine Asus RT-N16 with dd-wrt. However, I would like to try a version of Tomato that supports PPTP client/server on webinterface GUI.
    Can anyone recommend me wich one. Cause I had TOAMTOusb and to install pptp I had to install Optware and I allmost bricked my device. That why I ask for help please…

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